The operator to broadcast the Belarusian TV porn, sentenced to imprisonment and treatment

Court Partyzansky Minsk sentenced to two years in prison the former BelMuzTV video engineer who launched the air spring pornorollers.
He will serve his sentence in a penal colony. Former employee of the channel has also been designated a "safety enforcement measures and treatment" under Article 106 of the Criminal Code of the Republic. Balashov said that earlier the man attempted suicide. The fact that the person involved in the case have "mental problems" during the investigation and reported to the Interior Ministry. The department also alleged that he abused alcohol.

Name convicted in the message is not given. According to media reports, it is about the native Mogilev born in 1985. A man was charged with Article 343 of the Criminal Code of Belarus ("Public demonstration of pornographic materials using public telecommunications networks").

The investigation of the case was completed on June 17. From the testimony of TV indicated that it showed porn on TV because of a quarrel with a former girlfriend.

He also said that the added files (pornorollers and a few clips of Lapis Troubetzkoy, which unofficially banned in Belarus) to the playlist in advance to be able to escape, and then closed the camerawork and broke the key in the lock. Attacker was detained in Mogilev a few days after the incident.

Unauthorized exposure to air BelMuzTV, recall, took place on Saturday 13 April, in the middle of the day. Broadcast lasted 10 minutes , and then broadcast television was interrupted. Subsequently, the Ministry of Information issued a warning BelMuzTV.