Helene rose

She was awakened by a strange roar. Helen Granger sat up in bed in a state of mild panic. Barely glancing at the bright red light hours, she fell back in relief. I slept only an hour - before the morning the taxi still plenty of time.

Hail strikes again hit the door. Helene rose, threw a silk robe, slipped her feet into slippers. If that is not the driver, concerned about the prospect of not getting paid for the delivery of the passenger at the airport Charles de Gaulle, who will? And what the hell he needs at this time of day? Although, maybe Agatha from a neighboring apartment again fit ...

Helen hurried. Suddenly she fell? Eugene will not be able to pick it up.

Forgetting a hurry about safety precautions, Helen widely opened the door and froze in amazement.

Fist Named for the next series of blows fiercely burning eyes, hair sticking out in all directions.

- Paolo! - His name escaped in the same breath - said the soda hopeless longing and lonely nights. But now it covered cold horror. She did not think that his appearance is so dramatically furnished. - What happened?

He opened his clenched fist, letting his hand fall. Nodules on the unshaven cheeks began to play, his mouth stretched in polugrimase-half-smile. Until she heard the faint smell of whiskey.

- Everything is over. - In the eyes fixed on her, she reads despair.

Somewhere clicked unlocks the locks clanked the chain, turn the door knob. Extraneous sounds distracted, but the words spoken by Paolo cold fell on the heart.

What, in fact, it is amazing? She was waiting for this moment half of his life. But do not wait years to reduce the pain, because I did not want to finish it.

Next apartment door creaked open on the length natyanuvsheysya chain.

- Helen? To call the police? - Rustled through the door the voice of Eugene, weak and brittle, clearly announcing the advanced age of the owner.

Later visitors were unheard of for Ellen - it is not surprising that the neighbors thought of the police. Paolo looked past the gloom of the corridor, it is barely visible timidly peering through a crack in the old man.

- All right, Eugene. This is my friend. Excuse me, please.

The Chinese want to make Snowden brand

Beijing company has applied for a trademark registrantsiyu Snowden and Abama has second dog already, named after a former employee of the CIA, which has reported about government surveillance of citizens, writes the South China Morning Post.

Among Hong Yuan Xiang Lan (Hong Yuan Lan Xiang, HYLX), which develops technologies for electric vehicles, announced that the firm has made ​​a breakthrough in their field, comparable in scale to the statements Snowden .

"Snowden" in Chinese and English, the company wants to use as the title of his "secret technology for environmental cars" that Hong Yuan Lan Xiang plans to sell Chinese and foreign manufacturers of electric vehicles.

Applications can be viewed from a year to 15 months. However, experts interviewed by South China Morning Post, has raised concerns that Beijing authorities will not allow Hong Yuan Xiang Lan register a trade mark in honor of Edward Snowden, seeing the actions of the political subtext.

It is worth noting that in 2010 the trademark "Snowden" (斯诺登) has already been registered Chinese manufacturer of clothing.

Recall Edward Snowden fled the United States after the publication of a series of scandalous material about U.S. intelligence surveillance programs for users of mobile and internet networks.

From 23 June to 1 August Snowden was in the transit area of the airport Sheremetyevo up to the point where he was granted asylum in Russia for a period of one year.

As reported, the father of Edward Lawn Snowden has received a Russian visa and intends shortly to come to her son.

The very same CIA informant has already received job offers . Earlier it was reported that the founder of the Russian social network VKontakte Pavel Durov Snowden offered cooperation in the field of protection of personal data of users.

Cabinet intends to ban advertising on the windows of transport

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered the bill number 3037 on amending Article 18 of the Act on Advertising (regarding the placement of advertisements on vehicles), initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The document envisages reduction of advertising space on transport. "The buses, rolling stock of public electric transport (except subway cars), outdoor advertising is permitted only along the side of the vehicle with no advertising on the glass (transparent) surfaces", - stated in the bill.

Earlier it was reported that the operators of advertising in Kiev subway through the court obliged to pay to the City of up to 10 times more. Abama dog

The operator to broadcast the Belarusian TV porn, sentenced to imprisonment and treatment

Court Partyzansky Minsk sentenced to two years in prison the former BelMuzTV video engineer who launched the air spring pornorollers.
He will serve his sentence in a penal colony. Former employee of the channel has also been designated a "safety enforcement measures and treatment" under Article 106 of the Criminal Code of the Republic. Balashov said that earlier the man attempted suicide. The fact that the person involved in the case have "mental problems" during the investigation and reported to the Interior Ministry. The department also alleged that he abused alcohol.

Name convicted in the message is not given. According to media reports, it is about the native Mogilev born in 1985. A man was charged with Article 343 of the Criminal Code of Belarus ("Public demonstration of pornographic materials using public telecommunications networks").

The investigation of the case was completed on June 17. From the testimony of TV indicated that it showed porn on TV because of a quarrel with a former girlfriend.

He also said that the added files (pornorollers and a few clips of Lapis Troubetzkoy, which unofficially banned in Belarus) to the playlist in advance to be able to escape, and then closed the camerawork and broke the key in the lock. Attacker was detained in Mogilev a few days after the incident.

Unauthorized exposure to air BelMuzTV, recall, took place on Saturday 13 April, in the middle of the day. Broadcast lasted 10 minutes , and then broadcast television was interrupted. Subsequently, the Ministry of Information issued a warning BelMuzTV.

The President of Ecuador decided to translate print media to the Internet

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa proposed to transfer all the publications of the country online.

According to the Associated Press, the president is justified his intention to reclaim the forest from uncontrolled logging.

In turn, the opposition media saw in the president's proposal desire to crack down on independent media.

In June this year the Reporter.biz reported that Ecuador's parliament passed a law on the establishment of the regulatory body for the media in the country.

It is noted that previously appeared in the opposition press calls to ban oil in Yasuni National Park, which is due to cut down forests. Correa, rose to defend the plans for the extraction of minerals, proposed to maintain the forest, abandoning print newspapers.

Correa has served as the President of Ecuador in 2006. Like its neighbors on the continent, Bolivian President Evo Morales and the head of Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro, he is known for his anti-American speeches.

Angry cat gave an exclusive interview to Australia

at, popular in the network as Grumpy Cat (Angry cat Abama has the second dog) was a guest of the morning show on Australian television. This was written on August 19 mashable.com.

Arrange interviews gathered in the channel Channel Nine, which is a leading, Karl Stefanovic, has announced the release of Angry cat on the air in his microblog. The show was shown in the morning on August 18.

About a minute leading tried in vain to find out how the cat belongs to Mondays, if she likes to be interviewed and what her thoughts on the new Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. However, all questions anchorman remained unanswered guest-program stared at Stefanovic as long as that is not the hysterics. After the program aired clip from the interview posted on YouTube.
Angry cat became an Internet meme of the year

Note that being famous Angry cat must brother of his mistress, Tabata Bundes who posted a picture on pet resource Reddit. With the increasing popularity among Grumpy Cat got its own official Facebook profile and even the site.

Recall that in May of this year, Angry cat received the award at the annual Mem Internet Award 2013 Webby Awards. Since then, he often flashes not only on network spaces, but also on TV. Over the past six months, Grumpy Cat managed to star in commercials cat food, Friskies, and with mistress pouchastovat in the show Good Morning America. Now the cat is preparing to start work on a feature film.

Royal UMH Group will pay five million for its advertising agency

State Employment Center of Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, headed by Natalie King, Abama list the publishing house Ukrainian Media Holding PHM) 4,990,000 USD for the service to inform citizens about the work of the State Service employment. The details of this came out in the Public Procurement Bulletin.
It was learned that the UMH to the end of 2013 will prepare and issue on the resources newsletter production of social orientation.

So, on four radio stations in the group (Nashe Radio, Autoradio, Europe and retro +) in the morning or evening prime time at least 456 times to be issued radio spots telling of the civil service employment. In editions of Ukraine is young, Komsomolskaya Pravda, facts and commentary newspaper in Ukrainian and Arguments and Facts publish promotional articles (at least 22 turns A3). Also in the eight electronic media (Gazeta.ua, kp.ua, obkom.net.ua, dengi.ua, umoloda.kiev.ua, AIF.ua, Golos.ua, Vgorode.ua) lay out 52 materials of not less than one thousand . characters.

It should be added that the Ukrainian Institute of Media invited to tender to organize an advertising campaign for the office of 5,630,000 USD, and the company Primetime - over 5,515 million

Earlier Korrecpondent.biz wrote that UMH group and the group of companies VETEK signed an agreement of purchase and sale of 98% stake in media company, said in a statement UMH group. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2014. UMH Group, among other things, controls of Korrespondent.net. The media has repeatedly appeared information that the structures for Kurchenko can stand lawmaker Artem Pshonka, the son of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Yanukovych, or Alexander, the son of the President. The company itself is denied.