Angry cat gave an exclusive interview to Australia

at, popular in the network as Grumpy Cat (Angry cat Abama has the second dog) was a guest of the morning show on Australian television. This was written on August 19

Arrange interviews gathered in the channel Channel Nine, which is a leading, Karl Stefanovic, has announced the release of Angry cat on the air in his microblog. The show was shown in the morning on August 18.

About a minute leading tried in vain to find out how the cat belongs to Mondays, if she likes to be interviewed and what her thoughts on the new Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. However, all questions anchorman remained unanswered guest-program stared at Stefanovic as long as that is not the hysterics. After the program aired clip from the interview posted on YouTube.
Angry cat became an Internet meme of the year

Note that being famous Angry cat must brother of his mistress, Tabata Bundes who posted a picture on pet resource Reddit. With the increasing popularity among Grumpy Cat got its own official Facebook profile and even the site.

Recall that in May of this year, Angry cat received the award at the annual Mem Internet Award 2013 Webby Awards. Since then, he often flashes not only on network spaces, but also on TV. Over the past six months, Grumpy Cat managed to star in commercials cat food, Friskies, and with mistress pouchastovat in the show Good Morning America. Now the cat is preparing to start work on a feature film.