Helene rose

She was awakened by a strange roar. Helen Granger sat up in bed in a state of mild panic. Barely glancing at the bright red light hours, she fell back in relief. I slept only an hour - before the morning the taxi still plenty of time.

Hail strikes again hit the door. Helene rose, threw a silk robe, slipped her feet into slippers. If that is not the driver, concerned about the prospect of not getting paid for the delivery of the passenger at the airport Charles de Gaulle, who will? And what the hell he needs at this time of day? Although, maybe Agatha from a neighboring apartment again fit ...

Helen hurried. Suddenly she fell? Eugene will not be able to pick it up.

Forgetting a hurry about safety precautions, Helen widely opened the door and froze in amazement.

Fist Named for the next series of blows fiercely burning eyes, hair sticking out in all directions.

- Paolo! - His name escaped in the same breath - said the soda hopeless longing and lonely nights. But now it covered cold horror. She did not think that his appearance is so dramatically furnished. - What happened?

He opened his clenched fist, letting his hand fall. Nodules on the unshaven cheeks began to play, his mouth stretched in polugrimase-half-smile. Until she heard the faint smell of whiskey.

- Everything is over. - In the eyes fixed on her, she reads despair.

Somewhere clicked unlocks the locks clanked the chain, turn the door knob. Extraneous sounds distracted, but the words spoken by Paolo cold fell on the heart.

What, in fact, it is amazing? She was waiting for this moment half of his life. But do not wait years to reduce the pain, because I did not want to finish it.

Next apartment door creaked open on the length natyanuvsheysya chain.

- Helen? To call the police? - Rustled through the door the voice of Eugene, weak and brittle, clearly announcing the advanced age of the owner.

Later visitors were unheard of for Ellen - it is not surprising that the neighbors thought of the police. Paolo looked past the gloom of the corridor, it is barely visible timidly peering through a crack in the old man.

- All right, Eugene. This is my friend. Excuse me, please.